CaptureIt! 1.8.0

Highly popular screen capture tool

When a screen capture tool makes it into the top ten Apple downloads, you know it must be pretty special. When you've used CaptureIt!, you can see why. View full description


  • Superb for video casts
  • Very flexible for taking shots


  • Doesn't make exiting easy enough

Very good

When a screen capture tool makes it into the top ten Apple downloads, you know it must be pretty special. When you've used CaptureIt!, you can see why.

CaptureIt! is particularly good at taking video screen shots and makes an excellent accessory for anyone trying to build tutorials. CaptureIt! excels in this area because it even allows you to export tutorials to iPhone and YouTube enabling you to share software operating instructions extremely quickly.

From the minute you execute CaptureIt!, it springs into action allowing you to select windows on your screen or drag the selection screen to the area that you'd like to capture. It gives you a selection of other options in a small box that you can drag around your screen including "Timed Capture" for something in between a screenshot and a video "Video" and "Screenshot".

There's also an option to adjust the preferences of the application and exit it. In the preferences, you can select a default image to save your images which is useful if you always use the same format. Exiting the program should be easier - why can't you just press the Escape key? You can however configure hotkeys for a few other operations such as quick screenshots or to start the video shots.

CaptureIt! is a hugely popular application because it makes taking screenshots easy, fast and is especially suitable for videocasts.


  • Old Mac OS versions and Mac architectures (PPC) are now not supported. System requirements are: Mac OS X 10.6 and Later, Intel Mac
  • CaptureIt! is now Lion compatible
  • CaptureIt! is now Final Cut Pro X compatible
  • Now it is possible to select which of two audio tracks will be included into the resulting movie: system sound, audio from external devices or both
  • Updated and fixed a set of bugs in CaptureIt! Tools interface
  • Recent open files menu is now shown via right click on the Dock icon
  • Few improvements in CaptureIt! Tools main menu
  • Updated window tracking module: less buggy, more accurate
  • Added QuickLook preview for encoding tasks
  • Layers editor now supporst Lion's fullscreen mode and has a zoom slider at the bottom of the window
  • Fixed bug when CaptureIt! was fading the screen and not starting its work for too long
  • Fixed bug when certain records could not be encoded with H.264 codec resulting a blank video track
  • Fixed bug when captured screenshots were assigned a wrong color profile
  • Fixed bug when preset changes in preferences forced current encoding tasks to change their preset to Custom
  • Fixed bug when removing a preset form list in preferences caused an application error
  • Fixed bug when record control toolbar was resizing spontaneously


CaptureIt! 1.8.0

User reviews about CaptureIt!

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    "Biggest waste of $30 ever (not to mention my time)"

    Positive reviews are from professional reviewers that tried the software, not real users. Out of ~10 demos I have tri... More.

    reviewed on June 27, 2012

  • Captain Zorg

    by Captain Zorg

    "Great tool, but has a few flaws."

    My main problem is the key press recording. It's mainly bothering me because the recorded presses really get in the way ... More.

    reviewed on December 27, 2011